Approximately 2 months ago, the Sentinel Project launched the first prototype of Threatwiki to start actively tracking two situations of concern: Kenya and Iran. We’ve learned a lot from the initial monitoring process that we’ve build around the system, and we’re currently doing a lot of brainstorming, design work and prep ahead of a second round of feature development and bug-fixes.

As part of the process, we’re currently working on making Threatwiki an Open Source project. After looking at a variety of alternatives, we ultimately decided to host the code on Github. So the Sentinel Project’s Threatwiki official repository is now available at:

This code is in no way ready for re-use, and we haven’t yet attached a proper open source license to it. However this is where we will be centralizing all of our code and development efforts from now on – if you’re interested in helping out, why not check out the prototype code we’ve got on there so far, and then send us a message!