UPDATED August 5th 2013
Please read a more updated description of the current state of Threatwiki


For the past few months, the Sentinel Project has been putting together various pieces of our envisioned genocide early warning system. One of the key components of this system is an online genocide risk tracking and visualization platform named Threatwiki. Today we are pleased to announce that an initial preview (“alpha”) of Threatwiki is now live on the Sentinel Project website. You can see it in action as we have started using it to track the Baha’i situation in Iran.

Threatwiki Screenshot

What is Threatwiki? It’s simple but flexible way of tracking events in a particular situation of concern, mapping and plotting them on a timeline, exploring the implications for genocide risk and identifying key contributing actors, locations and trends. It is a way of representing “what we know” about a region in terms of genocide risk – we hope that it will become a strategic analogue to systems like Ushahidi that excel at mapping on-going tactical information. And lastly, it is also an attempt at engaging our audience – the public, targeted communities, other organizations and law-makers – by making our data and analysis interactive and thus easier to access and explore.

We are actively working on fully fleshing out the Threatwiki platform and taking it from a proof-of-concept to a mature system. In the meantime, please take a moment to explore what we have at the moment and let us know what you think!