Direct Cooperation

Partnering with communities and individuals in order to obtain the most direct input on programming and assuring that those at greatest risk receive immediate assistance.


Bringing conflicting communities together, engaging in productive dialogue, and finding ways to address post-violence realities.

Rapid Response

Preventative forecasting of threats to peace and stability, and working to mitigate violence which is taking place.

Role of Technology

The creative use of technology is one of the aspects that makes the Sentinel Project unique. New technologies allow for faster and more meaningful impacts.

Countries of operation

Number of active projects

Direct beneficiaries

Number of investigations or interventions

Number of project ambassadors

Who We Are

Formed in 2008, the Sentinel Project is a non-profit organization based in Canada with members in several countries worldwide. Our mission is to prevent mass atrocities (including the crime of genocide) through effective early warning and cooperation with victimized peoples to carry out non-violent prevention initiatives.

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What We Do

An estimated two hundred million people were murdered by governments during the twentieth century – many of them as victims of genocide. These calculated exterminations of ethnic, racial, and religious groups have taken the lives of Hereros, Armenians, Jews, Sinti and Roma, Cambodians, Kurds, Bosnians, Tutsis, and many others. The twenty-first century promises to be no different.

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The Sentinel Project is a young and growing organization and we need your help to create a world without genocide.

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Becoming a Supporter of the Sentinel Project is more than just a donation – it’s an investment in a world without genocide.

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The Sentinel Project is a new approach to achieving a world without mass atrocities, and we need more people to help us.

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