The Sentinel Project regularly produces reports and research documents for the public, donors, and researchers.

From annual reports, local insights, research outputs and advocacy publications, you’ll find all of the documents produced by the Sentinel Project here.

Sentinel Project Annual Report – 2022

2022 was a remarkable year for the Sentinel Project. We achieved many of our goals, such as expanding our outreach, increasing our impact, and strengthening our partnerships with communities at risk of violence. We look forward to continuing our mission of making a positive difference in the world in 2023 and beyond.

Sentinel Project Annual Report – 2021

2021 was a year of challenges and triumphs. The value of developing effective projects was highlighted as global challenges meant finding creative solutions to new problems. Facing these challenges and becoming a stronger organization as a result has been a thrill to see. Learn more about these successes in our annual report

Hatebase – Using AI for Hate Speech Monitoring

Can hate speech monitoring be aided by new developments in artificial intelligence? The Sentinel Project has undertaken a research project investigating the potential applications and pitfalls of AI in the service of flagging online hate speech before it results in offline violence.

Sentinel Project Annual Report – 2020

2020 was a turning point for the Sentinel Project as our team built upon past successes to put the organization in a better position for growing our reach and impact. Learn more in our annual report.

Sentinel Project Annual Report – 2019

2019 has been an incredible year of expansion and significant accomplishments. Learn more about our progress, including new areas of operation, programming successes, and project development in our 2019 annual report.

Sarus Humanitarian Aerospace – Unmanned Aerial Systems for Development and Humanitarianism in the Global South

The Sentinel Project has been an early advocate and adopter of unmanned aerial systems technology. This report surveys the policies and applications of this technology in the Global South and provides policy and methodological guidance on implementation.

Una Hakika: Mapping and Countering the Flow of Misinformation in Kenya’s Tana Delta

Misinformation plays a vital role in triggering, worsening and prolonging conflict. This report highlights the Sentinel Project’s work and findings in counting misinformation in Kenya’s Tana Delta region.

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