Learn how tools like Ushahidi have been used around the world to defend human rights.

Anyone who knows the Sentinel Project knows that we’re big fans of technology. Whether it’s data visualization or flying robots, when we talk about genocide prevention, we’re also talking about new tools we can develop. However, technology has already been having an impact on the struggle for human rights and activists are constantly adapting to use it in new ways. That’s why it’s important for people working in human rights and international development to understand the tools at hand and their potential for making change. Thus, we are very excited to announce our upcoming course, Technology for Human Rights.

Over the course of five weeks (two hours of evening class per week) you will meet a great group of people and learn the following together:

  • The relationship between technology and human rights
  • Case studies and lessons learned from Kenya, Iran, and the Arab Spring
  • Unsuccessful cases and what went wrong
  • How oppressive regimes abuse technology
  • Strategy development for using technology

The course is still under development but we’re pre-registering students now. Sign up here to join the waiting list and receive updates on prices and upcoming course dates. See you in class!