In the course of our atrocity prevention work here at the Sentinel Project, we’ve built up a body of knowledge that applies to many different fields. This includes crisis mapping, security, and unmanned aerial vehicles but our greatest area of expertise is in managing misinformation thanks to the successful Una Hakika project in Kenya’s Tana Delta. Building a mobile phone-based system to monitor and contain the spread of incendiary rumours in this conflict-affected area underlines just how harmful misinformation can be. This is true not only for communities living in conflict zones, but also for development projects, public health efforts, and business ventures around the world. That’s why the Sentinel Project now offers rumour management consulting services to organizations of all types.

Numerous incidents show misinformation having negative social and organizational impacts worldwide. For example, rumours of police brutality have encouraged riots in European cities, conspiracy theories have hindered the Ebola response in West Africa, and anticipated layoffs regularly hurt productivity in major corporations as staff members worry about their job security. While the contexts and content of specific rumours vary, common social and psychological conditions encourage them to form and spread. Fortunately, this also means that strategies and tools are available to manage rumours before they harm the people, profits, or society.

Sentinel Project staff with expertise in rumour management are now available to advise and assist organizations of all types which are challenged by misinformation. Whether you’re from a company facing problems with community relations, a government department with governance challenges, or an NGO implementing a challenging development project, misinformation is often at the heart of these issues and we’re here to help.

To learn more, fill out the contact form below and tell us more about your work and the misinformation challenges you’re facing. A member of our team will follow up with you quickly.

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