The Sentinel Project is pleased to announce the expansion of our advisory board.

Patrick Meier is the Director of Social Innovation at Qatar Computing Research Institute and a luminary and leader in the application of new technologies for crisis-mapping, early warning, humanitarian response and resilience.  Patrick is working with the Sentinel Project’s Humanitarian UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Working Group to build on the existing successes made following our initial deployment of a human security UAV program in Kenya’s Tana Delta.

Nicholas DiFonzo is a Professor of Psychology at Rochester Institute of Technology and specializes in the formation and development of rumours.  He will be assisting the Sentinel Project as we continue our work countering misinformation through the Una Hakika initiative in the Kenya.

Evan Hoffman is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Conflict Analysis and Resolution (DCAR) at Nova Southeastern University.  He will be working with the Sentinel Project to extend our Burma programming.

We welcome our new experts to the advisory board and look forward to the positive impacts these partnerships will produce.