In this interview Una Hakika community ambassador Kode Komora discusses his involvement with the project and his hopes for his community:

How did you first hear about Una Hakika?

I first heard about Una Hakika when I met John Green.  Our youth group (Delta VCEZ Youth Group) were doing activities in terms of peace, and John approached members of our group. We invited to him to meet us at our office, so when he came to visit us he explained what Una Hakika is and what you do, so that’s how I first learned about the project.

What made you want to get involved?

Basically what made me want to get involved was that Una Hakika means “Are you certain?” in English.  As a person who wants to see change in the community, and actually see that progress, I decided that this was best way to bring about those changes, and that I should join and see what Una Hakika can do for the community, or what I can do through Una Hakika for the community.

What skills do you feel you bring to the project?

I’m a good communicator.  I’m a person who socializes with people very well.  I’m a person who is outgoing. I think those attributes will help me.  Also, where I work, I’m usually connected to the internet so I can be a resource and a link to the community for Una Hakika.

How do you feel rumours have affected your community?

My community has lived and dwelled in rumours.  It’s something that’s in their bloodstream; they live and depend on rumours.  They don’t go for the actual findings and certainties; they believe and rely on rumours. Those rumours often make them feel scared and confused.

What does peace building mean to you?

Well building is any constructive measure that brings progress in whatever area of development.  When you link that with peace, peace is where you stand as a community when you have no fear of intimidation or any rivalry. So when it comes to peace building it’s having the proper ways of bringing peace in a constructive way that allows people to live in harmony, together as a team.  Not only as a team but as a community, even world wide, as a global community. That’s peace building!

What is your hope and vision for Una Hakika?

You know, they say that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step. That’s a Chinese proverb, and I want to live those words out in my own way.  So with the issues in Kenya, in the Tana Delta, and here around the community, no matter how small the first step is, it has an impact, like a flame ignited that spreads more and more.  So my vision for this is that out of this initiative, these harmful rumours will be discouraged, and the community will learn rumours are not dependable and should not be absolved so much.