We have some exciting news about a great opportunity for University of Toronto students in the Peace, Conflict, and Justice program to get involved with the Sentinel Project. Thanks to the efforts of Alex Dyzenhaus, one of our own team members, and Wendy Wong, the director of the Trudeau Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, successful students can now earn course credit while working for the Sentinel Project.

Three internship positions are available for senior students, who will work for one semester and be credited as an independent study course. During this time, each individual intern will conduct a full assessment of the risk of genocide in a country identified as a potential situation-of-concern (SOC). They will be provided with initial training and then given full responsibility for producing a report (due at the end of the semester in December) on a single country which will be assigned to them based on the Sentinel Project’s criteria and, if possible, the student’s personal interests. See our 2011 report on Kenya for an example of a risk assessment.

The work involved will include gathering information on a series of political, economic, and sociocultural risk factors and then analyzing them and their influence on the risk of genocide in the SOC. Regular check-ins with Sentinel Project staff will also be scheduled. As an added bonus, since our methodology is constantly evolving, interns will also have the opportunity to suggest improvements and contribute to the overall organization.

If you are an eligible student and interested in this internship, the deadline to apply is 5 September 2012. Please visit the Trudeau Centre to apply.