Everyone knows that volunteering is important for a healthy society because when people give their time it means that organizations with limited resources can pursue worthy causes when they might have been otherwise held back by their inability to hire staff. The Sentinel Project fits this situation perfectly since every single member of our team is a volunteer, some having now been with us for two or three years. Without volunteers, we literally would not exist as an organization. That’s is why we’re pleased to announce that recruiting is now open for several positions on our team. Have a look at the following roles and see if you might want to join us!

Research Analysts

Our Research Team is responsible for developing and implementing our early warning methodology and creating strategies for helping threatened communities to prepare in the face of imminent atrocities. Many members of this team come from backgrounds in political science, history, psychology, emergency management, and intelligence analysis, but people with all types of education and experience are welcome since having a diverse team is one of our strengths.

Supporting the Sentinel Team

Just as important as our monitoring work is being able to build a team and community around the cause of genocide prevention and to tell the Sentinel Project’s story to the world. For instance, we are in the process of redesigning this website, which means that we need a skilled WordPress guru to help not only with the redesign but also with maintaining the site into the future as we continue to grow.