An important part of our work here at the Sentinel Project is to not only develop ideas for predicting and preventing genocide but also to share them as widely as possible. That’s why I was so pleased to be invited by the Arias Foundation to speak in Panama at an upcoming international workshop on creating a “Regional Mechanism for Peace and Conflict Resolution.” This is, without a doubt, an honour for the entire Sentinel Project since when I go there to speak about our approach to early warning a new region and a new group of people are exposed to the work that each of us has been doing.

The Arias Foundation for Peace and Human Progress sponsors many initiatives focused on promoting peace and human rights throughout Latin America.

Also sponsored by the Inter-American Development Bank and Panama’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the goal of this workshop is to start the creation of a violence early warning and prevention system for Central America. My role will be to present the concept and work of the Sentinel Project, how it might be implemented in this region, and the role of technology in predicting and preventing atrocities. Although our focus as an organization is specifically on genocide, many of the same concepts apply to other types of violence and I’m looking forward to exploring that connection. Keep watching this space for more updates once I’m there.