The Sentinel Project welcomes Elizabeth Kellett to her new position as Research Coordinator. Elizabeth has already been an asset to the Research Team through her work on the forthcoming Burma situation of concern, so we are very excited about what the future will bring with Elizabeth in this position.

Through her academic career, Elizabeth brings a wealth of knowledge on genocide and international conflicts. She completed an undergraduate degree in Political Science and Psychology at Queen’s University and is now completing a master’s degree in Conflict Studies at the University of Ottawa and Saint Paul University. Specifically, her research has focused on historical genocide, analyzing early warning systems, and prevention strategies in cases such as Rwanda, Cambodia, the Holocaust, Armenia, and Bosnia. Currently, she is working on a major research project on the use of the Responsibility to Protect in Libya.

As Research Coordinator, Elizabeth will be responsible for managing the tasks of the research team and guiding research analysts as we develop our work. She envisions that during her time leading the team it will document its early warning methodology to help train analysts and build an effective team. Elizabeth will officially begin her position as Research Coordinator in mid April. Until then, SP is anxiously awaiting what will surely be a new and exciting beginning for the Research Team.