Earlier this year, Henry from our Research Team introduced us to the concept of a birthday wish when he pledged to raise $1,000 for the Sentinel Project from his friends and family. Amazingly, Henry reached his goal and set an example for the rest of the Sentinel team. Now another one of our research analysts, Serge, has taken up the challenge and set the goal of raising $2,000 towards a world without genocide.

Serge spent five months working at the criminal tribunal in Cambodia earlier this year. While there, he took some time to visit former torture and killing centres around the capital.

Please help to grant Serge’s wish. Our work here at SP has really been picking up lately and we’re making a lot of progress, so your support is needed more than ever. As you know, we have members going to Geneva to promote our work at an international level and are aiming to set up a genocide prevention hub in Toronto within the next year. None of this can happen without your support so whether you give one dollar or a hundred, it is highly appreciated and will make a difference.