As summer draws to an end and students make their way back to school this September, the Sentinel Project will be rolling out its first University Chapter.

As you may or may not know, the Toronto SP team has been working hard all summer developing new programs to increase awareness, expand SP reach, and raise funds. One way we are doing this is through our University Chapters. We hope that through this channel, the Sentinel Project will continue to grow, reaching broader demographics and bringing together groups of inspiring young people looking to make a difference. While chapters must align with the core values of the Sentinel Project, they are encouraged to explore areas and activities that reflect their own interests and we can’t wait to see what shapes and sizes different chapters will take.

We are proud to announce that our first-ever University Chapter will be at the University of Waterloo! This chapter holds special significance since the Sentinel Project itself was founded at UW by a group of graduating students in 2008. Led by a strong team of innovative, enthusiastic, and experienced co-directors (Ajandan Sivam, Edward Philip, and Thiv Paramsothy), 2011-2012 promises to be a very exciting year for the Sentinel Project at UW!

If you are interested in joining the UW chapter, starting a chapter at your own school, or learning more about the opportunity, please contact Lisa (lisa@thesentinelproject.org).