On behalf of the Sentinel Project team, I would like to thank everyone who supported The Sentinel Project for Genocide Prevention on my birthday.

In case you are still wondering what on Earth the Sentinel Project is, we were founded in 2008 and are based in Toronto. We are a family of volunteers from all over the world and from all walks of life; some of us college and university students, some professors, some designers, some engineers, some mothers, fathers and grandparents who have chosen to sacrifice time they could be spending with their work and personal lives doing something else just to volunteer to end genocide worldwide.

Why? Because genocide is both predictable and preventable but most of the time, we simply choose not to. Of cause the cost of prevention is high, but the cost of doing nothing is much more higher. Unlike the past century, we can avoid the 21st century from being written in the blood of innocent civilians, which is why the Sentinel Project needs your help.

By the end of 2011, we plan on launching active situation monitoring and tracking projects in four countries worldwide to prevent future genocides. To support this goal, we hope to open a permanent monitoring center where volunteers will work to build and support a network of fields correspondents and partner organization.

It is because of your support that the Sentinel Project is able to accomplish its mission and every little action of support you make can help save millions of lives worldwide. Thank you very much for your kindness and support.


The Sentinel Project Family

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Special Thanks to: Taneem Talukdar, Gift Ntuli, Pam & Jeff Payne, Phil Heyde, Mac Dixon-Fyle, Eric Wolfe, Carol Steele, Contessa Mwedzi, Matt Wyant, Darren Kemper, Missy! Orr, Margarita Nikonova, Glenn Orr, Anthony Baratta, Jason Becker, Mateos Kassa, Francis Fordjour, Elisabeth Sutherland, Shreeya Neupane, Bryan Edwards, Mum & Dad, Alexander Landreville, Sajel Tremblay, Darcy Higgins, Michael Landreville, Adam Weaver, loutfi Jirari, Uzoma Oluka, Edit Barry, Lee Deadwyler, Gregory Weaver, Katy Higgins, Leslie Fuqua, Dylan Howard, Joe Grotheer, Jojo Subbaraman, Amtul-Nasir Iddrisu, Stephanie & Kanne Knezz and Alaina Hobbs.