We are pleased to welcome Sara Alimardani to the Operations Team here at the Sentinel Project for Genocide Prevention. Sara holds a master’s degree in international relations and her interest lies predominantly in human security. She has done extensive research on war and conflict profiteering and the evolution of security in international affairs and its transition away from state and global vulnerabilities to civilian and human insecurity. Sara feels that the Sentinel Project is a perfect fit for her interests since genocide and its causes are among the greatest threats to human security.

Sara has worked and volunteered with other NGOs in the past, and her most recent work was as the director of operations and project coordinator for the Canadian International Peace Project (CIPP). The CIPP is a non-partisan organization that works with various communities across Canada to formulate projects for an array of people to establish working relationships that surpass stereotypical ethno-cultural blocks. Sara’s work focused on overseeing all of the CIPP’s daily activities and projects, to ensure that the organization was in line with its mandates and stayed aligned with set goals.

Sara will bring her knowledge and background in the operations of an NGO to the Sentinel Project with the aim of strengthening the networking, outreach, and fundraising elements. Her first efforts will be focused on establishing an advisory board to guide our work and on building contacts with other organizations.