Information has just become available through a Persian language blog that Iranian intelligence agents raided Baha’is in the town of Nour on 3 November 2010. This attack occurred while the targets were celebrating the Baha’i Feast of Qudrat. All people in attendance were made to provide personal information and their physical identifying characteristics were recorded. Two individuals, Mahmud Razi and Jamal Chupani, were detained and their current situation is unknown.

Three days later, on 6 November, the homes of the Shahnazi and Ta’id families were raided and all Baha’i materials and satellite receivers were confiscated. This was apparently done in response to the new charge of “accessing Baha’i books from abroad and via internet, and distributing them.”

Original post (Persian) from Ey-Baha Blog

English translation from Sen’s Daily Blog

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