The Iranian human rights organization RAHANA has provided a summary of anti-Baha’i rights violations in the second week of November. Four events from last week highlight the ongoing persecution of Baha’is, including arrests, imprisonment, and denial of education. Most alarming is the 11 November seizure of vast Baha’i farms, particularly since this was done in the presence of very senior state officials. This indicates a concerted government effort to continue economically isolating Baha’is while dispossessing them of their property. Here is the text of the summary:

November 7

Siamak Ighani Began Serving his 3 Year Prison Sentence

Siamak Ighani, a Baha’i resident of Semnan, has been transferred to the Semnan Prison in order to begin serving his sentence. According to the RAHANA reporter, he was transferred to the Semnan Prison on November 6th in order to serve his 3 year prison sentence for anti-regime propaganda and Baha’i propaganda.

November 8

Baha’i resident of Semnan Roufia Beidaghi Arrested

The security forces have arrested Roufia Beidaghi, a Baha’i resident of Semnan. According to the RAHANA reporter, on Sunday November 7th, the security forces detained Roufia Beidaghi. She is the daughter of Goudarz Beidaghi who had been arrested on March 1st and recently released.

November 11

Baha’i Farms Confiscated by the Office of the Supreme Leader

More than 30,000 hectares of Baha’i farms have been seized in the presence of the Head of the Security Council Jannati and Head of the Judiciary Larijani, and handed over to the office of the Supreme Leader. Previously, the security forces had raided the Baha’i village and completely destroyed the Baha’i properties.

November 12

Baha’i Student Expelled in Sari

Sahar Sabetian has been expelled from the Alzahra High School in Sari for believing in the Baha’i faith.