The Sentinel Project is pleased to welcome two new additions to our team in South America. Marcelo Valenca, based in Brazil, will be our primary correspondent for South America as contacts are developed in other countries. Bruna Lima, also in Brazil, will be assisting Marcelo in his work.

Marcelo has a PhD in international studies from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio) and is currently a lecturer in security studies and international relations theory at another institution in Rio. He is also a researcher at the Group on Conflict Prevention and his interests include the role of Brazil in UN peacekeeping missions and best practices in peace operations.

Bruna is a graduate student in the field of international relations at PUC-Rio and has recently decided to focus on genocide studies as her main area of research.

Together, Marcelo and Bruna will help to reactivate our SOC relating to the abuse of indigenous peoples in South America. Their work will involve gathering and analyzing information from media sources and other NGOs to determine whether there is a genocidal threat to any indigenous groups. Marcelo and Bruna will also help to build our network of correspondents in various South American countries.