Submit a Technology Project Proposal

The Sentinel Project is open to technology project proposals from interested application developers. To apply, please complete the form below; if we decide to pursue your proposed project, you’ll receive a reply by email requesting further details. (Companies who instead wish to donate hardware, software or virtual capacity such as hosting and Internet/mobile connectivity are encouraged to reach us through our Contact page.)

Project proposals must meet the following criteria:

  • Projects should address an immediate need of The Sentinel Project and/or clearly further the goals of the organization. To get an idea of the sorts of projects we  pursue, please review our Latest Projects page.
  • Projects should have measurable, quantifiable benefit to the communities in which we work. General education or awareness-based campaigns often find it difficult to meet this requirement.
  • All code must be open source.
  • Applicants must conceptualize, design, build, test and deploy the proposed project. The Sentinel Project will provide advice and feedback before and during development, and can also provide server space for applications written in PHP or Python.
  • Applicants must be able to provide casual support for their projects for a minimum period of one year.

If you feel your project meets the above criteria, please apply below:

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