How Sentinel Gifts Work

What are Sentinel Gifts and what do they do?

The Sentinel Project is a registered Canadian non-profit that works to prevent atrocities including the crime of genocide anywhere in the world.  Your Sentinel Gift helps implement initiatives that seek to restore security, assist threatened communities and protect those at risk of harm while simultaneously contributing directly to economic, social and educational improvements within these regions.

Sentinel Gifts also offer you the opportunity to donate smaller sums toward the larger gift.  This means that you can still support the initiatives you want by contributing only a portion of the full cost.  Partial gifts are added together with others in order to complete funding for the full gift.

Purchasing these items allows you to participate directly in the work the Sentinel Project is doing around the world.  It also helps us improve our programming, meet the needs of the communities we assist and takes a small step towards the goal of ending atrocities.

Where does the money go?

It is very important to us that your gift goes to the cause and region you have selected.  However, sometimes a popular gift may result in an problematic excess of supplies or support in one region at the expense of another.  When this occurs we make every effort to direct the funds to similar projects in similar regions.  Our dedicated staff work with local partners and NGOs to ensure that funds are made available to the regions and issues that need them.  The Sentinel Project makes its financial reports public and believes is organizational transparency in order to foster trust.

Can I donate directly instead of purchasing a gift?

Yes, you are able to make direct one-time or recurring donations in the panel on the right side of the donation page.

Are my purchases and/or donations tax deductible?

The Sentinel Project is a registered and incorporated Canadian non-profit but not a registered charity so we cannot offer receipts for donated funds.

What is the Sentinel Project’s philosophy?

You can have confidence in the Sentinel Project’s commitment to non-denominational, non-partisan and non-violent solutions to the problem of mass atrocities.  All humans have the right to security of self and that respect for human life must be universal and work to ensure this security for all.


Have any other questions?  Feel free to contact us for more information.