Episode 1: Introducing Atrocity Prevention Monthly

The Sentinel Project is pleased to announce that the first episode of our podcast, Atrocity Prevention Monthly, is now available on SoundCloud and will soon available to download on iTunes.

The first episode explores what Atrocity Prevention Monthly is in terms of a podcast, and what our organization does with regards to mass atrocity early warning systems, situations of concern, and the role technology plays in the Sentinel Project’s work. Kristina Croce, along with guests, Christopher Tuckwood, Troy Powell, and Daniel Friedman, delve into all the facets of the Sentinel Project. Meant as an introduction to the Sentinel Project for our listeners, Atrocity Prevention Monthly explores and explains our organization and everything we have accomplished thus far.

Participants: Christopher Tuckwood, Daniel Friedman, Kristina Croce, Troy Powell