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Board Member (Fundraising Focus)

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The Sentinel Project is seeking a new member for its board of directors who will focus primarily on fundraising, working together with other board members and the executive team in order to guide the organization’s revenue generation efforts. As a board member, the new director will report to the board chair and will also help to oversee all aspects of the Sentinel Project’s governance together with the board as a whole. This general governance role will be complementary with the new director’s personal focus on imparting knowledge and actionable guidance to the Sentinel Project team in order to grow and stabilize the organization’s revenue streams, including donor-based fundraising from both private and corporate donors and grants from both governments and other institutional funders.

This is an unpaid, primarily “virtual” role with the potential for some in-person interaction with Sentinel Project team members depending upon necessity and geographical location. The role will require approximately five hours of time per month as well as responsiveness to email outside of those hours.

What you’ll gain

  • Opportunity to play a critical role in the growth of a young organization with a life-saving global mission
  • Experience influencing the long-term, strategic direction of the Sentinel Project
  • Working with other like-minded individuals dedicated to addressing the problem of mass atrocities
  • Developing skills and experience within the board of directors of a unique and growing non-profit organization

What you’ll do

  • Impart fundraising experience and knowledge to the Sentinel Project board of directors and executive team
  • Assist in developing an overall organizational revenue development plan
  • Advise fundraising staff on the constant improvement of fundraising activities
  • Support the development and maintenance of relationships with major donors
  • Represent fundraising concerns during board discussions of other relevant matters to ensure that this aspect is always considered
  • Assist in the recruitment of board members and appointment of officers or committees
  • Approve the Sentinel Project’s financial and audit reports
  • Develop, maintain, and ensure implementation of board and organizational policies as necessary
  • Be informed of, and ensure compliance with, the Sentinel Project’s legal, regulatory, and fiduciary responsibilities

What you’ll need

  • Demonstrated professional experience and success managing fundraising activities (required)
  • Commitment to, and understanding of, the Sentinel Project’s beneficiaries and mission (required)
  • Demonstrated success as a non-profit board member (preferred)
  • Other experience working in a non-profit environment, ideally in a leadership role (preferred)
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong stakeholder management and relationship management skills
  • Ability to work independently in a virtual environment with little instruction or direction

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