Are you a Reformer? A Challenger? Or are you a Helper? Take the quiz and find out what type of human rights defender you are. Today, we invite you to find out and support the extraordinary and life-saving work of the Sentinel Project by taking the Human Rights Defender quiz. Without opening your wallet, in just 4 questions you will be raising $0.50 for us.

As a nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing and mitigating mass atrocities and human rights violations, the Sentinel Project utilizes cutting-edge technology and community engagement to protect lives and empower vulnerable communities.

Projects and Initiatives:

1. Countering Misinformation: the Sentinel Project takes a participatory approach to monitoring, verifying, and countering misinformation, aiming to break the cycle of incendiary rumours and violence by providing members of the public with access to reliable information.

2. Community Empowerment: Through capacity building, education, and community engagement, we empower individuals to become agents of change.

3. Peacebuilding: Bringing conflicting communities together, engaging in productive dialogue, and finding ways to address post-violence realities.

Your support matters. Our work to prevent mass atrocities and human rights violations requires a collective response. By taking this quiz, you will not only be raising $0.50 for the Sentinel Project, you will also be joining a global movement dedicated to preventing violence and creating a more peaceful world.

Together, let’s stand as sentinels of peace and ensure a safer future for all. Be part of the solution to bringing world peace.