Satellite imagery has immense potential as a tool for humanitarian agencies.  The Sentinel Project could use up-to-date satellite images to pinpoint locations that are poised on the brink of genocide or where genocide is already making the movement of targeted peoples a security issue.

The Sentinel Project has been chosen by the nonprofit Space United as one of four humanitarian groups to participate in SHIM-1 — their Satellite Humanitarian Imagery Mission.  The project’s goal is to donate $33,333 worth of satellite imagery to each of these organizations, to support their valuable field work. Together the four pilot groups were challenged to raise $1250 to get the project started, and with 4 donation days left, this goal has already been surpassed.  Good going!

Sentinel’s SHIM-1 supporters could sit back and enjoy this success, but if we push beyond this goal and keeping those donations rolling in, more satellite imagery can be bought at a reduced price, making for a bigger bang for the SHIM-1buck.  Not only that, but Philips Innovation Fellows might give an additional $60,000 to the project if donors show a big enough interest.

If you can afford a coffee, you can afford to donate a few bucks, or maybe a lot more, to a cause that will put one more valuable tool in the toolbox that Sentinel Project workers have at their disposal to predict and prevent genocide.

Please visit the following site to donate:–2

Thanks for your help on this!